Chapter 902

The National Martial Bureau had three Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouses, as well as Eric, Jaxon, and the unkempt old man. Even six Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouses were unable to suppress the ghoul overlord, so their hands were really tied. At this moment, Felicity suddenly asked, "Is Jaxon okay?" Atlas nodded. "Jaxon is really strong. He can deal with a ghoul overlord alone!" Felicity breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that, but Nash’s expression became even more solemn. In other words, even the five Mystique Loyalty Realm experts would not be able to suppress another ghoul overlord. "Melody and the others are back..." Felicity suddenly said as she looked in a direction. Nash turned his head. Under the faint moonlight, he could see four figures stumbling toward them. They immediately went up to them and saw Melody supporting Mireille, whose body was bloated and covered in blood. Finn was supporting Ken, who had a wooden stick inserted into his chest. He could not det

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