Chapter 904

There was a hole the size of a bowl on the ghoul overlord's chest. Its bones and flesh gradually cooled like red-hot coals. Another beam of light followed. This time, it took a section of the ghoul overlord's head in a mist of blood. Nash lifted both hands and covered his face, cold blood splattering on his arm. Using his Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist, he sent the ghoul overlord on him flying. Then, something stood up from the ground. The ghoul overlord that was now missing half of its head rushed toward Nash again. With one side of its head covered in blood and loose flesh, it was a horrifying sight to behold. Fortunately, the wound was not healing this time. Nash flashed forward, strong winds billowing from the movement. He struck the ghoul overlord with the Eight Desolate Crumbling Fists. The incredible speed at which it was delivered sent the ghoul overlord into a big tree that was as thick as a bucket with just a single punch. Jaxon appeared beside him immediately with

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