Chapter 905

Boris' eyes narrowed. “Are you thinking about Hera?” A murderous intent flashed through Duncan's eyes. “Exactly.” … In the forest in the mountain, Jacob's true energy was depleted, and he could no longer activate the scepter’s power. He sat down cross-legged on a stone and began recovering his true energy. Nash, Eric, and the others were spread out around Jaxon, guarding him at the center. The two ghoul overlords were completely mutilated now, their speed and strength greatly reduced. Even so, their strength was still that of the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm. Mark and Jasper were facing off against one of the ghouls. Mark’s strength was at the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm. With Jasper's help, they barely managed to go back and forth with the weakened ghoul. Nash, Eric, and Cillian also barely managed to deal with the other ghoul overlord using Path techniques. However, their true energy was depleting fast. The ghoul, on the other hand, could absorb Celestial Spir

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