Chapter 906

Hera accepted the ointment and headed toward the second floor. Mireille returned to Royal Bay an hour ago and informed everyone about the situation at Sigur Cliff. She also told them that Duncan was likely on his way to Royal Bay to capture Hera. Olivia immediately contacted the Inspection Office, and Henderson mobilized all the available police force to Royal Bay. After Mireille was done relaying the situation at Sigur Cliff, she requested a guest room to rest in, citing fatigue. Hera brought the ointment to the door of the second-floor guest room but hesitated for a moment before opening the door. The room was dark, and Mireille was sitting on the bed, her hair disheveled. Hera already knew about Mireille’s effort to steal the Eight-Part Sceptre from the Duerson family. She also knew very well that Mireille had to have paid some price in her attempt to win Duncan's trust. Hera entered the room with heavy steps and whispered, "Mireille, your grandfather brought an ointment ove

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