Chapter 907

Duncan shook his head. “It's the four territories. The National Martial Bureau and the Special Security Department are only responsible for the trivial matters that crop up between martial artists domestically. "But the power of the four territories is the most terrifying when it comes to resisting foreign enemies. If targeted by them, we'll lose whatever opportunity we have to turn things around. "The four territories are all equipped with the most sophisticated high-tech weapons in the country. If they attack without holding back, they'll use supersonic weapons or even nuclear weapons!" Boris slowly retracted his hand, aware of the power of those important weapons that governed the country. If Black Wind Mountains were to be attacked, even the Profound Oriental Realm experts would be wiped out. Duncan started the car and made for the estate. Before even reaching the entrance, however, Peter suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Stop the car.” He immediately hit the brakes, and

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