Chapter 908

Sitting beside him, a thin old man chuckled. "What's the matter? Are you afraid?" They retreated after dispersing the onlookers on Sigur Cliff. The Second Elder, who possessed absolute speed, was left behind to hold the line. The Second Elder had witnessed Nash and the others slay one of the ghoul overlords and restrain the two others with his own two eyes. Bobby immediately decided to wait at the Duerson Villa so that if Peter and his group dared return, they could corner them. They would then apprehend Peter, the one responsible for refining the ghoul overlord, and obtain at least second-class merit. It was the Third Elder who had been afraid and wanted to withdraw from Sigur Cliff. He also came to the Duerson Villa to sit back and profit from the event. The Second Elder harbored significant grievances against the Third Elder. Frowning, Bobby asked, “What are you saying, Second Elder? Are you not afraid of the ghoul overlord? Do you think you're more formidable than Bladesman

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