Chapter 911

Apart from them, there was also Melody and Finn. Olivia's eyes were red. Phone in hand, she stepped to the side and said, “Nash is awake.” Over the call, Luke rejoiced excitedly. “I knew he'd make it. Hell has no grip on him.” At this moment, Bianca entered the ward and said, “Mr. Dean, Mr. Cillian is awake!” Dean left Brian to look over Nash while he and Skadi went to Ward 3. Cillian had also been badly injured, but his life was not on the line. It was only a matter of time before he woke up. For him to wake up in three days was a surprise to Dean. In Ward 3, Skadi was sitting in front of the bed gloomily. She had been staying by the bed the past three days, never leaving Cillian as she took care of him. At this moment, Cillian’s gaze was a glare. His hands gripped the bed sheets tightly as sweat poured down his forehead. Skadi grabbed Cillian's hand and comforted him, asking, "Did you have a nightmare? The Quiet Winds Church tragedy must have left a shadow in your heart. I

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