Chapter 912

"All the legal representatives of companies under Duncan's name have been replaced by a distant relative of the Duerson family. The man himself looks to have gone to Black Wind Mountains. "I... I have also acquired all the industries under the Duerson family..." Walter glanced at Nash's expression cautiously. He had not informed Nash beforehand about acquiring the Duerson family's industries. Nash’s eyes narrowed as he laughed coldly. "Hmph, does he think Black Wind Mountains can protect him?" He did not care about the Duerson family's industries at all. He only cared about Duncan himself. Bladesman Divus, Mark, the thousands of innocents from the Quiet Winds Church, as well as those martial artists who had witnessed the tragedy at Sigur Cliff… Duncan needed to pay for their lives. Duncan, Boris, Peter, and Black Wind Mountains were all on Nash's death list. Hera shivered and cautiously said, "Mr. Watson, um... Could you turn off the air conditioning?" Walter frowned and looked

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