Chapter 913

Felicity could not believe the priest she had simply met on the roadside was a Mystique Loyalty Realm cultivator. "It's nothing serious," Jaxon replied gently and then turned to look at the sunlight outside the window. Felicity noticed Jaxon's ears were slightly red and was secretly amused. Even a strong cultivator like him was not immune to shyness. Coughing twice, Felicity asked, "Nash has been discharged from the hospital. Shall we go to Royal Bay to see him?" Jaxon nodded gently, and the two of them made their way over. ... In Nash’s home in Royal Bay, gift boxes were stacked upon one another in the living room, forming a small mountain. They were all congratulatory gifts sent by the Watson, Zell, and Lee families to celebrate Nash's discharge from the hospital. The Zell family even spent a hundred million to buy a millennium-old wild mountain root. Nash looked at the two-meter-long purple sandalwood box carried by two people and smiled wryly. "Mr. Zell, this is too much...

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