Chapter 914

Skadi held Yoyo in her arms and sat next to Hera. "Oh my god, this scene is simply too pleasing to my eye!" she said excitedly. There was the stylish Eric, the elegant and refined Cillian, the charming Jaxon, and the handsome and suave Nash. Calling them the four most handsome men in Jonford would not be an exaggeration. Most importantly, they were all young and promising strong men. Hera smiled and said with pursed lips, “Great minds think alike.” Hands in his pockets, Atlas raised an eyebrow and asked, "Am I not handsome enough compared to them?" Skadi glanced at Atlas and said with a smile, "Mature men are charming. You're still too young and not our type!" "Don't the women online nowadays prefer young and fresh guys like me?" Atlas felt a bit disheartened. He had always been confident in his appearance, believing he was the dream of countless teenage girls. Being told he was not their type was a blow. Hera chuckled. "But we're not those online women.” Atlas sighed helplessl

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