Chapter 915

Jaxon raised his clear eyes and looked at Nash, confusion gradually appearing in them. His master often said the heavens had the benevolent virtue of nurturing life while the earth had the abundant capacity to sustain beings. Everyone had the potential for good, and even if they were bad, they would not needlessly harm innocent beings, no? Nash lifted his teacup, took a sip, and then said lightly, "You're simplifying human nature too much. The ugliness of human nature can be beyond one’s imagination. There are many villains in this world who shed no tears until they see the coffin.” Smiling slightly, Nash added, "If you're unwilling to intervene, Master Jaxon, then I won't force the matter." Jaxon's prowess was evident to them all. Nash was likely not his match if he were to keep back from using the Infinite Divine Thunder Spell. With Jaxon's help, they would be much stronger. Of course, if Jaxon was truly unable to intervene, Nash could not force him. Hands in a praying gesture,

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