Chapter 916

Cillian expressed his heartfelt gratitude with a respectful bow. Yet, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. The culprit behind the destruction of Quiet Winds Church was Peter. Curing himself of the toxins and breaking through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm was just a matter of time. Cillian was determined to seek justice for the thousands of disciples lost. “Old Tanner, please take Father Cillian to go fetch the medicine!" Nash turned to Brian and said. Brian, whose once salt-and-pepper hair had turned completely white and whose face had gained numerous wrinkles, seemed preoccupied. It was likely due to his concern for Mireille. "Yes, alright," he responded absentmindedly as he quickly stood up from the couch. Suddenly, Nash asked, "Has Mireille been emotionally stable these past few days?" Upon hearing Nash's concern for his granddaughter, Brian immediately perked up. "She has stabilized now. Thank you for your concern, Grandmaster!" Nash pursed his lips and remained silent

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