Chapter 917

After saying that, she grabbed the flushing Jaxon and left. Nash rubbed his chin. "Why do I feel like those two are quite compatible?" Melody chuckled. "Jaxon is a Mythism practitioner, pure in body and mind. Are you still thinking of playing matchmaker?" Nash grinned. "Felicity's carefree personality will eventually lead Jaxon astray!" He then shifted his gaze and looked at Jasper. "Have you taken care of your master's affairs?" Jasper nodded. "Everything has been taken care of." There was a moment of silence before Nash turned to Melody and asked, "What about Bladesman Divus’ remains?" Melody's voice was grave as she replied, "He was buried in De'anne Cemetery after cremation." She had considered burying Bladesman Divus on Sigur Cliff but was worried about grave robbers. She decided to cremate his remains and bury them in De'anne Cemetery. Nash nodded. "I'll go offer my respects to him.” After Hera returned to the living room, they all headed to De'anne Cemetery. ... At De

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