Chapter 919

Some time passed, and Hera was almost out of breath. She blushed as she pushed Nash away. Not satisfied yet, Nash gently held Hera's face and kissed her again. ... On Black Wind Mountains was a natural lake surrounded by mist. Luxurious villas were scattered around. These villas totaled up to 108, and each was expensive to build. Inside Boris’ villa, Peter was sprawled drunkenly on the sofa. Meanwhile, Boris and Duncan were sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table playing chess. "Checkmate!" "I've lost again!" Duncan glanced distractedly at the chessboard and smiled. Boris sighed. "Duncan, you seem restless lately." Expression filled with guilt, Duncan asked, "Godfather, do you blame me for everything?" If it were not for his emotional impulsivity costing them the Eight-Part Sceptre, they would not have to hide out on Black Wind Mountains. Even though they were living in luxury here and got to enjoy food from top-notch Michelin-starred chefs, Duncan still felt happier liv

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