Chapter 920

"He underestimated his enemy,” Duncan replied without even waiting for Boris to respond. Black Gem nodded approvingly at Duncan. “Exactly. You lot were too careless. Nash is Johnathan’s student, who's known as the Terrestrial Immortal. How could the student of such a figure be easy to deal with?" He lifted the teacup from the table and took a sip before continuing, "If The Swordsman hadn't underestimated his enemy and had been willing to expend a bit more effort, he might have been able to unleash the Seventh Slash of the Seven Killings Blade Technique..." Surprised, Boris paused before asking, “Could the Seventh Slash counter the Infinite Divine Thunder Spell?" The Swordsman died from Nash's Infinite Divine Thunder Spell. They had all witnessed its power, and the destruction it caused was undeniable. Boris had calculated at the time. Even if The Swordsman had used his Seventh Slash, it might not have been enough to withstand the power of the Infinite Divine Thunder Spell. Blac

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