Chapter 921

Nash's certainty was just part of his self-confidence. He was still unsure of himself when he challenged The Swordsman. Yet, he had no choice but to issue the challenge. One reason was to fulfill the promise he had made to Grant. The other reason was to stabilize the Duerson family’s position. If he did not do that, his friends would be in danger during the time before he achieved the Mystique Loyalty Realm. Hera lowered her head to wipe her tears dry, her voice sounding choked up as she said, “I just can’t imagine how I’m going to live if anything were to happen to you!” Nash had always been in danger ever since she got to know him. It seemed like a sea of fire and a mountain of swords sprawled ahead of Nash. There was a solitary wooden bridge that would lead him past those seas and mountains. Nash was shakily making his way across the bridge and would plummet to death if he were not careful. “That’s enough. Don’t say such unlucky things out loud. My dad read my fortun

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