Chapter 922

Jaxon did not say anything. However, the tips of his ears and his fair cheeks turned a light shade of red. Felicity pursed her lips. “How ungrateful of you. I spent over a hundred grand to help you achieve this look!” Countless people had stared at them when she took Jaxon out for lunch. Several women had even approached Jaxon to ask him for his number. She had spent over a hundred grand to purchase Jaxon several suits to prevent any further trouble. Jaxon looked slightly less ethereal after donning the suits, but they made him seem more sophisticated. His gentle and elegant-looking face still attracted the attention of many gorgeous women. Hence, Felicity bought him a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap so they could cover up his good looks fully. Jaxon clasped his hands together, his lips fluttering slightly as he chanted. “You guys are up early.” Nash and Hera made their way down the stairs. Nash was also in a suit. He had also shaved and styled his hair, so

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