Chapter 923

Felicity said, “No need to book any tickets. My grandfather has arranged for a helicopter to pick me up. It should be arriving soon. I wouldn’t have gotten up this early if it weren’t for that!” Hera took her purse and stood up. “I’m headed off to work. Call me when you’ve arrived!” Then, she stared at Nash and asked, “Do you remember my number?” Nash answered solemnly, “Yes, of course, I do!” Hera smiled sweetly and bent down to kiss Nash’s cheek. “I’m headed off…” “I’ll see you off!” Nash got up and accompanied Hera to the garage. After Hera backed her car out of the garage, she said, “You’re fighting Dominic while your wounds are still recovering. It’d be a good idea to bring Melody and Finn along!” Nash puffed his chest out. “Do I look like I’m injured?” Hera pushed stray strands of hair behind her ear as she glanced at her watch and said, “It’s getting late. Only three minutes left before it's eight o’clock. I’m off!” She stepped on the gas and drove away after

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