Chapter 929

“What if the Green Bamboo Association has an organization even more powerful than the Special Security Department supporting them?” “Could it be that outrageous?” Stellar asked in a solemn tone. “I suspect that Dominic’s got ties to the National Martial Bureau… You remember how I was once arrested by the National Martial Bureau, right? When that happened, I happened to be trying to arrest Lindon Carter, Dominic’s grandson!” Nash said in a low voice. “I remember Lindon. The Green Bamboo Association kicked up a huge fuss when he was ambushed previously, and it required the Warden of the Eastern Territory himself to make an appearance and calm things down. "Things will get messy if it’s really the National Martial Bureau since they’re already on good terms with the Warden of the Eastern Territory!” Stellar said, feeling a headache creep on. “A Profound Oriental Realm expert is working in the National Martial Bureau, and that’s one of the biggest problems. Let me discuss this wit

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