Chapter 930

Jaxon wrestled himself free from Felicity’s grasp and brought his palms together as he chanted. “Whatever. Do as you like!” Felicity clicked her tongue. She had a nonchalant look on her face, but disappointment flitted through her eyes briefly. Then, she grabbed Nash and Melody by their wrists and headed toward the door. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to Drunken Bar!” She only let go of their wrists after they walked out of the mansion. Nash had noticed the look in Felicity’s eyes earlier, and a half-smile appeared on his face as he asked, “Felicity, are you genuinely interested in Jaxon?” “Gosh, why would I be interested in a priest?” Felicity grinned nonchalantly and walked toward the garage as she said, “I’ll drive. Wait for me here!” Nash watched as Felicity walked away. He instinctively retrieved a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. However, he put it back when he noticed Melody glaring at him. Soon, Felicity pulled up in a white-colored BMW. Nash and Melody were

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