Chapter 931

Nash became curious. Melody shook her head and said, “Forget it. It’s been over ten years. I can barely remember it!” Nash smiled without asking anything else. Melody’s love was so deep that bringing up the past would only add to her sorrow. 40 minutes later, Felicity parked the car in the parking lot of Drunken Bar. There were huge colorful LED lights on top of the bar that spelled out ‘Drunken Bar’. Felicity was familiar with the place, so she took the three of them to the front bar and ordered some drinks and snacks. Then, she turned around and asked, “Would you like some women to keep you company?” Nash froze. “You’re asking me?” Felicity chuckled. “Who else would I be asking? Jaxon?” Nash stroked his chin. “I guess I wouldn’t mind a few.” Felicity was surprised. She was just joking. Did Nash really want women around him? The staff member at the front bar was a handsome man in his 30s. He smiled and said, “All the escorts here are gorgeous, but the prices…” “Money isn’t

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