Chapter 932

The staff member was over the moon. It seemed like he had encountered not one rich woman but two. Felicity handed over her bank card, but Melody stopped her. “Just swipe my card…” Nine male escorts cost almost 30 grand. The staff respectfully led them to a booth. The four couches there were so big they could accommodate 20 to 30 people. There was a three-meter-long table filled with drinks and fruit platters. After a while, three of the top sexy escorts came to the booth. When they saw two men and two women, they were shocked. “What the hell? They even brought their partners here?” exclaimed a big-eyed beauty. An innocent and docile-looking woman in a school uniform said, “You fool. They’re obviously not couples. Don’t you see that there’s a priest there?” The big-eyed beauty smiled sweetly and said, “That priest is so handsome I'd drink with him for free!” The cold-looking woman was dressed more conservatively. She wore a red windbreaker, a wool sweater, and skinny jeans.

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