Chapter 933

Nash said with surprise, “Really?” Minnie was sitting next to Daisy, so she leaned on her and said, “It’s true. Roxy just started working at the bar yesterday!” Nash smiled. “I’m honored!” Roxy smiled and filled Nash’s glass with wine. “Cheers!” Nash picked up his wine glass and downed it in one gulp. Just then, Daisy said, “Sir, the people from the Green Bamboo Association are our regular customers. Why do you ask?” Nash smiled. “Just because!” Minnie pointed at the shirtless tattooed man on stage and said, “That guy with the tiger tattoo is from the Green Bamboo Association too, and I heard he has a high position. He’s the one sponsoring our bar!” Nash nodded. “I was just asking. Let’s drink more!” After about an hour of drinking, Felicity suggested that they go to the dance floor. Melody had drunk a lot too, so she was dragged onto the stage by Felicity. The handsome male escorts immediately followed them. “Sir, I’ll go powder my nose first. And then we’ll go have fun to

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