Chapter 934

The tattooed man lifted Felicity’s chin to kiss her. “The Light guides!” A soft voice sounded in the tattooed man’s ears. He was stunned. He looked at Jaxon behind them and said coldly, “Stupid priest! Do you want to die?” He finally found himself a beautiful woman, but his mood was ruined by this stupid priest. Did he not know who he was? Jaxon asked, “There’s something I’d like to discuss with you. May I have a moment of your time?” The tattooed man grabbed Jaxon’s collar and swung his clenched fist at him. Jaxon casually pinched his wrist and dragged him off the stage. A smile appeared on Felicity’s face as she secretly followed behind them. Jaxon brought the tattooed man to the corridor of the emergency staircase and clasped his hands together. He asked politely, “Sir, do you mind telling me about the martial artists of the Green Bamboo Association?” The tattooed man ferociously pulled out a dagger to stab Jaxon in the chest. A golden bell appeared on Jaxon’s chest. Th

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