Chapter 935

In less than a month, Dominic managed to recruit six more masters in the Profound Reality Realm and 12 stage nine great-grandmasters. Dominic’s powers were beyond his imagination. Nash picked up his wine glass and sipped. Jaxon slowly said, “I think we should leave right now!” Nash was stunned. He immediately stood up and said, “Let’s go…” Then, he rushed toward the stage. Melody was dancing in the middle of several men. Several of them had already taken off their shirts, revealing their perfectly sculpted muscles and flexed pecs. Melody did not use her true energy to expel the alcohol, so she looked drunk and in a daze. Nash grabbed her hand and walked out. Two men in suits and leather shoes suddenly stood in front of Nash. One of them smiled and said, “Sir, I think I’ve fallen in love with her. Can I have some fun with her?” “Fuck off.” Nash coldly pushed them away. The other guy put a hand on his shoulder and said, “You asked for it!” While saying that, he swung his f

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