Chapter 937

Nash asked with concern, “Are… you okay?” “Fuck off… All you men are useless!” Felicity got up angrily. Jaxon had already descended in front of her. Felicity lifted her hand to slap him, but Jaxon took a step back. The slap landed on Nash’s face. They fell silent for a few moments. Felicity came to her senses and apologized, “I-I’m sorry, I-I-I…” Nash’s lips twitched. “Let’s go home.” Felicity found herself a driver, but the car could only fit four people. Felicity rolled his eyes at Jaxon and said, “My car can only fit four people, so you can walk back by yourself. If you can’t find your way back to Snyder Estate, just ask a stranger!” It was his fault for bullying her. Now, she would make him suffer. After saying that, she opened the door to let Nash in before getting into the front passenger seat herself. “To Snyder Estate!” The driver looked surprised, but he quickly regained his composure and drove off. Melody leaned on Nash’s shoulder, reeking of white cider. Nash f

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