Chapter 938

Felicity was stunned. She immediately said, “I don’t know any priests!” Next, she rushed toward the entrance. She did not want anything to do with Jaxon. She even wanted to drive him out of the place. The taxi driver followed her. “Deputy Snyder, you can’t just let your friend get away without paying!” Felicity stopped and shouted angrily, “I told you I don’t know him!” The taxi driver hurriedly said, “But he wasn’t stopped from entering your house just now!” Felicity took a deep breath and handed him 200 dollars. “Now go away. Ugh!” The taxi driver only took one of the bills. “The fare was 160, but I’ll give you a discount. Although I need the money, I’m not that petty!” Then, he got into the taxi and drove off. Felicity smiled bitterly. Nothing was going her way today. How could a taxi driver tell her off when she was the daughter of the Snyder family? She shook her head and led Nash into the 500-square-meter detached villa. Jaxon was sitting cross-legged in the living ro

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