Chapter 939

Although Nash did not say it, the businessmen were aware of this. Nash looked at Santiago blankly. He did not know why Santiago thought of him that way, but his only intention of destroying the Green Bamboo Association was to avenge the Young family. “It’s getting late. You should all go to bed!” Santiago turned and left with the two bodyguards. Nash calmed down and turned to Felicity, asking, “What does your grandfather mean by that? Doesn’t he know that I have a vendetta against them?” He killed the Ten Juggernauts in Jonford and arrested Lindon himself. He and the Green Bamboo Association were destined to be arch-enemies. Felicity shook her head. “I don’t know. He’s never talked to me about that before! “By the way, you have to share that money with Jaxon!” Nash was speechless. It seemed like Felicity thought that he was fighting the Green Bamboo Association for the money too. Could it not be just purely for justice? If the Green Bamboo Association were not his enemy, pe

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