Chapter 943

Melody's grandfather had guarded Young Gardens for decades, and her family would pay homage to the deceased in Young Gardens every year. Nash’s father’s name was Wolfgang, and his wife’s name was Ruby. Seeing their initials, it was hard for Nash not to think of his parents. Then, Stellar returned to Philix’s side. Stellar cast Nash a look after seeing the two letters. Nash noticed his gaze. Coupled with the fact that Meyer called him Marshal when he rescued him last time, Nash’s suspicions were confirmed. “Every time I come to Sagen, I would come to the town square to see the clock tower! “So far, this is my fifth time!” Philix’s tone was calm with no discernible emotion. Felicity said curiously, “I heard you only came twice?” Philix smiled. “The first three times I came here was over 20 years ago. I bet you were just born back then.” Felicity stuck her tongue out. “So, can you tell us that story now?” Philix lit another cigarette. Nash looked at Philix’s broad back in sil

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