Chapter 944

"Wolf mustered up the courage to walk up to Rue, and Rue also walked toward Wolf with her umbrella. They were strangers, but they could not help but be drawn to each other. They looked at each other as if they had met each other in a parallel universe. “Wolf and Rue stood under the clock tower until Rue finished selling the roses. When only one rose was left, Rue gave it to Wolf and wished him a happy Valentine’s Day. Wolf took the flower and put it in her hair. “Rue was the daughter of a wealthy family. When they learned about their relationship, they did everything in their power to keep the couple apart. Wolf wanted to tell them that he was the heir of the Youngs and that they had unparalleled wealth. "It was the first time Wolf contacted his family, but the answer they gave him was that Rue’s family was not good enough for the Youngs. Thus, they sent someone to bring Wolf back… “Wolf and Rue went against their families’ wishes and eloped. They wandered for two years without a

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