Chapter 948

The old lady walked up to Philix and slapped him. The scene before them blew everyone’s minds. Felicity’s face turned pale with fright, and she said with trembling lips, “G-Grandma…” Stellar strode over, but Philix shot him a look, so he stopped. Santiago was frightened. He glared at Roland and shouted, “Take her away!” Roland’s face went pale too. He quickly went up to grab his mother’s arm. “Mom… Please stop…” The old lady shook Roland’s hand off and stared at Philix. “The Youngs killed Ruby and my grandchild, yet you still have the audacity to show your face here. Why don’t you die along with the rest of the Young family?!” “Enough…” Santiago was so angry that he went up to slap the old lady. “Father…” Philix stood up and grabbed Santiago’s wrist. Felicity looked at them in bewilderment. She turned to look at Melody beside her. “Mel, d-did I hear him right? What did the North Warden call my grandpa?” Melody shook her head and said, “You heard him right. The North Warden

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