Chapter 949

Nash smiled and asked, “Didn’t you call me Ruby the first time you met me? Isn’t it because I look a lot like my mother?” Paige wiped her tears and walked over to Nash. She reached out to hold his face with trembling hands. “Y-You look exactly like her. It’s almost like you were carved from the same mold!” Stellar finally understood why Philix and Nash had such good chemistry since the first day they met. It was not because Philix liked hanging around young people, but it was because Nash looked like his wife. Paige said in disbelief, “I thought you…” Nash explained, “On the day the Youngs were destroyed, I was rescued by someone extraordinary. He took me to Tili mountain to cultivate my skills.” Paige’s lips trembled, and she cried while hugging Nash. “I’m so thankful you're alive…” Seeing Ruby’s child was like seeing a remnant of her daughter. Nash patted his grandmother’s back and said with some difficulty, “Grandma, please stop crying. Let’s put it all in the past. My fathe

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