Chapter 950

Santiago sat next to Philip. He looked at Paige chatting and laughing with Nash, and he lamented, “She hadn’t been this happy in a long time. Nash finally untied the knot in her heart! “Nash came to the Snyder Estate a month ago, and she called him Ruby. I thought that she was hallucinating again. I never noticed how much he looked like her! “By the way, when did you meet him?” Santiago looked at Philix with interest, wanting to know how he and Nash met. “It’s a long story…” With the ice pack on his face, he recounted his first meeting with Nash. Santiago frowned when he learned that Philix was almost killed by a traitor. Hearing about Nash’s supernatural powers, a relieved expression appeared on his face. When he heard that Philix and Nash became blood brothers, Santiago laughed. “Did you know that he was your child at that time?” “Not at all. I just felt myself being drawn to him. If I had suspected him to be my son, I would’ve taken him in!” Philip looked at Nash and smile

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