Chapter 954

Nash's expression remained calm, his eyes deep and inscrutable. After a long pause, he slowly said, "Mom has been gone for over 20 years. You’ve cherished her memory all this while and have fulfilled the responsibilities of a good husband. "I believe Mom would also want you to find a companion to spend the rest of your life with." After his parents separated, Jean acted as a go-between. Over the years, feelings might have developed between his father and Jean. After all, they occasionally interacted with one another. If his father had feelings for Jean, Nash hoped that his father would have someone to accompany him after he retired. "You might have misunderstood my relationship with Jean. She was your mother's close friend, and we're just ordinary friends," Philix clarified. "As for my life after retirement, you'd better hurry up and have a bunch of chubby little kids with Hera if you're worried that I'll be lonely!" Philix chuckled, deliberately changing the subject. "Are yo

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