Chapter 955

“But” "Get out of the way!" Philix pushed Stellar aside and opened the door before running toward a burning car in the distance. Meanwhile, Jaxon had already moved swiftly through the area and was rescuing people. Jaxon dragged an injured person covered in blood out of a vehicle. Nash immediately took out his needles to treat them. Without true energy, he could not speed up the process, but his skilled techniques still worked much faster than those of ordinary traditional medicine practitioners. Melody saw Philix running toward a car engulfed in flames. Her beautiful eyes widened in shock as she rushed over. Using her spiritual power, she had sensed that the fuel tank behind the car had been ignited and could explode at any moment. Jaxon brought a child of around ten years old to Nash. He said gravely, "This young one is severely injured..." Nash looked at the child and noticed that a toy sword had pierced through his chest. Hands trembling, he grabbed the sword handle and then

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