Chapter 956

Philix led Stellar into the car while the three old men stood outside in a triangular formation. The accident was now being attended to by the Inspection Office and staff from the hospital. Nash and Felicity came over to the car. Behind the car was a huge and heavy-duty container truck. The front of the truck had been shattered, and the containers at the back were all crushed together. Common sense suggested that the heavy-duty truck should have easily crashed into the car, but Jaxon had used the Golden Bell to destroy the heavy-duty truck. "It must be those from the Green Bamboo Association!" Felicity cursed as she clenched her fists tightly. Yesterday, Zachary had been too cowardly to act and left the hotel with a grudge. Today, he arranged this accident. It looked like the association's good old days were coming to an end. "Don't you know where Lindon is hiding?" Nash asked in a low voice. "I do," Felicity replied. "Then go and arrest him with Jaxon now!" "Jaxon will stay

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