Chapter 957

Felicity's expression turned sour. She had been worried about Ken’s younger brother getting into trouble last time and so asked him to inform his brother not to alert the enemy. "My girlfriend works at that bar. I can ask her!" "Okay, thank you." Felicity ended the call. The taxi driver glanced up at the rearview mirror at the same time as Jaxon did. Their gazes met. The driver immediately lowered his head. Jaxon closed his eyes again. Three minutes later, Homer called again and informed Felicity that Lindon had not been to that bar for several days. The news discouraged her. "Looks like we'll be returning empty-handed tonight!" At that moment, her phone vibrated again. It was Homer. Felicity answered immediately. "Homer..." "Miss Felicity, if I help you catch Lindon, can you help me get a permanent position?" "Yes, of course!" "Okay, my girlfriend just told me that Lindon has been frequenting Whitten County lately." "Whitten County?" "Yeah, there are many red-light distric

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