Chapter 958

Not long after, the patrol vehicle arrived. When they saw Felicity, the inspectors excitedly greeted her. “This man just shot at me. Make sure you keep a close eye on him!" she said. The captain of the patrol team patted his chest and promised, "Rest assured, Deputy Snyder. We'll keep a close watch on him!" Felicity and Jaxon got into Homer's car and headed for Whitten County. Inside the car, Felicity asked, "Homer, did you ignore your brother's instructions? You totally knew about Lindon's whereabouts!" Homer's eye twitched as he replied mournfully, "You misunderstand! I didn't know Lindon was in Whitten County. It just so happened that my girlfriend overheard us talking about him and mentioned it." Felicity frowned. "How does your girlfriend know such detailed information?" Homer was embarrassed. "My girlfriend used to work in the red-light district. She heard about it from her colleagues." Felicity did not press further. Homer drove onto the highway and asked with a smile, "

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