Chapter 959

The lady beamed. "Milly is our best girl here. It's 3,000 per hour, 30,000 for the night!" Homer's expression turned slightly cold. "Do you think that I, someone who drives a luxury car, can't come up with 30,000?" The lady hurriedly explained, "That's not what I meant. What I meant to ask is if both of you want Milly?" Homer nodded. After hesitating for a moment, the lady continued, "In that case, you can only book by the hour. I'm worried Milly won't be able to last the entire night. It'll be 10,000 for the both of you by the hour." Homer made the payment, giving an additional 2,000 as a tip. The lady smiled brightly and immediately led the two to a house. She knocked on a wooden door and called out, "Milly, we've got customers!" A woman dressed in pajamas with a cigarette in hand stepped out. Compared to the other women here, Milly was undoubtedly superior. There was a hint of surprise when she saw Homer, and when she saw Jaxon, she looked puzzled. She asked the lady, "Is th

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