Chapter 960

In the courtyard, Skylar, Milly, as well as Homer, who had just come out, stood in stunned disbelief. Skylar took a deep breath and said, "He lives up to the Otto Monastery’s reputation. Despite being so young, he’s already in the Mystique Loyalty Realm.” Homer and Milly did not understand what Skylar was saying. The man did not explain further either and simply walked in the direction where Jaxon had gone. Jaxon burst through the door into a relatively spacious room. The two bodies entwined on the bed suddenly sat up in alarm. Seeing a handsome priest standing there, the naked woman looked at him with a flirtatious smile. "Don’t you know to wait for your turn?” Turning around, Jaxon said in a low voice, "Both of you, please put on your clothes." Calm and composed, Lindon lit a cigarette and said. "You're Salvatore's friend, right? If you want to work with me, you have to follow my rules. And my rule is..." Suddenly, Lindon reached under the pillow and pulled out a handgun. He ai

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