Chapter 961

Outside the urban village, Felicity had notified the patrol department in Whitten County of the situation. As soon as Jaxon walked out of the village, sirens could be heard not far away. The innkeeper was chasing after them, but she quickly raised her hand and said, "Don't chase after them anymore. Hurry up and have the women destroy the evidence in the room!" Felicity jogged up to Jaxon and Homer. When she saw that Lindon was not wearing anything, she immediately turned around again. "Homer, give him some clothes!" Homer took off his jacket and gave it to Lindon. After hesitating for a moment, he took off his pants and handed them to Lindon. "Put them on yourself..." Lindon suppressed his panic and put on the pants while pretending to be calm. "My grandfather is Dominic Carter, the president of the Green Bamboo Association. Let me go and I’ll give you riches that you won't be able to use up in your entire lifetime!” Felicity turned on the flashlight of her phone and shone it on L

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