Chapter 962

Felicity was extremely anxious, but Jaxon’s reasoning made sense. She asked someone from the Whitten County Inspection Office for a pair of handcuffs, restrained Lindon, and then pushed him into the car. "Homer, hurry and take us home!" "Got it!" Homer jumped into the driver's seat and slammed the accelerator. The roaring engine of the luxury car vanished into the night as the vehicle became shrouded in darkness. ... At the Snyders' place in Sagen, Nash was taking a shower in the bathroom when Melody suddenly burst in. Nash quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. His voice was cold as he said, "Melody, don't you know how to knock?" "The Green Bamboo Association has surrounded the place!" Melody called out deeply. Nash was momentarily stunned. "So soon?" "Quick, get dressed. I'll take you away!" Melody said and exited the bathroom. Nash hurriedly put on his clothes and followed her downstairs. Just as they entered the living room, they saw Zachary sitting upri

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