Chapter 963

Nash noticed Zachary's interest and continued, "You should know that I recently broke through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm because I refined the Golden Onyx Pill. As long as you work for me for ten years, I can refine a sixth-grade Oriental Condensing Pill for you!" A sixth-grade Oriental Condensing Pill could effortlessly help someone at the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm break through to the Profound Oriental Realm. Zachary did not question the truthfulness of Nash's words. Ever since he broke through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm, he had researched this type of pill in ancient texts. Nash's ability to break through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm at his age and slay The Swordsman proved that he was indeed skilled in alchemy. Zachary took a deep breath, his cold eyes fixed on Nash as he said, "Release Lindon.” Despite the temptation, Zachary chose to repay Dominic for saving his life. He had to rescue Lindon. Nash shook his head. "That won’t be happening.” Zachary snorted

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