Chapter 964

There was a gunshot, and the dagger was knocked out of Zachary's hand by a bullet. Following that were three more gunshots as the bullets flew toward Zachary's head. Zachary's eyes narrowed, and the three bullets stopped in front of him. He released his true energy, causing the three bullets to drop to the ground. When he turned his head back, Melody was nowhere to be seen. He looked at Nash, only to find a burly man dressed in leather beside him. This man had a pure gold gun and a sword on his back. The sword handle was gold as well, shaped like a dragon's head. Nash supported Melody, who was still trembling. He asked, "Melody, are you stupid?" He had been thinking about how to save Melody, yet she had thought about killing herself. Melody bit her lip and said softly, "I didn't want to make things difficult for you." "I saved your life. Can't you cherish it a little?" Nash snapped coldly. Melody lowered her head and stayed silent. Despite being several years older than Nash, s

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