Chapter 965

"The crisis has been resolved. Where are you?" "I'm at a hotel near Snyder Estate." "Come over to Snyder Estate first. I need some help over here." "Okay, I'll come right away. Remember to inform the security guard at the entrance. By the way, how should we handle Wanda? I never expected her grandfather to be so ruthless. He doesn't care whether she lives or dies at all!” Eric glanced at Wanda, who was tied to the chair. His tone was pitiful. Wanda's eyes were lifeless at this moment. She also found it difficult to accept the harsh reality that her grandfather would disregard her well-being. After a moment of silence, Nash said, "Let her go." ... About an hour later, Eric and Atlas arrived at Snyder Estate. As soon as Nash brought the two inside the villa, Felicity and Jaxon returned with Lindon. "Did the Green Bamboo Association come here?" Felicity had just heard from the security guard at the gate about the Green Bamboo Association's attempt to surround them. N

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