Chapter 966

Lindon closed his eyes, seemingly unafraid of life or death. However, Nash's foot stopped just one centimeter away from his head. Mouth filled with blood, Lindon grimaced and said, "Kill me if you dare! Why don't you kill me? If you kill me, all of you will join me in death!" Nash calmed his anger and said coldly, "Killing you outright would be too easy for you." Unnerved by Nash's gaze, Lindon asked with fear, "You… What do you want?" A cruel smile played at the corners of Nash's mouth as he replied, "Don't you enjoy watching someone's organs being removed while they're still alive? Well, what a coincidence, so do I..." Lindon had successfully provoked Nash's anger, the wrath of the Smiling Grim Reaper. Nash dragged Lindon out by his foot. Jaxon clasped his hands together and chanted, “The Light guides.” He had already guessed what Nash intended to do to Lindon. If he did not know about Lindon's crimes, he might have tried to persuade Nash otherwise. However, Lindon's actions w

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