Chapter 967

He never expected him to be the son of the Warden of the Northern Territory. Now, he understood why their master had chosen to take Nash as his disciple. It was because he was of the Young family descent. The Young family’s lineage spanned thousands of years, with ancestors who had reached the Divine Sojourn Realm. Within their genetic heritage lay a strong foundation for martial arts. "Last night, nearly 20,000 people gathered at the Green Bamboo Association. It looks like they're ready to fight to the death," Stellar said. Nash was astonished as he responded, "That many people..." The 20,000 figure was several times more than the few people that made up the Jonford branch of the Green Bamboo Association. If a large-scale battle broke out, it would result in a great number of casualties. "Last night, the Warden sent over three elite units," Stellar continued, lighting a cigarette. "He intends to dismantle the Green Bamboo Association's power with force. Firstly, it’s to esta

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