Chapter 971

At the grand luncheon, Felicity put her phone down and gave Jean a curious look. “The most influential individuals in both the business and political spheres are at my house, Madam Windsor. Don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate for you to be here?” The elegant-looking woman seated at the head of the table smiled demurely. “I’ve never been to Snyder Estate ever since your aunt passed!” Felicity glanced at Nash before she then asked, “Madam Windsor, can I ask you a question?” “Yes, go ahead!” “You…” Felicity thought the question was slightly awkward and did not know how to begin her sentence. “Go ahead and ask what’s on your mind. I don’t bite!” Jean put her cutlery down gently. Felicity drew in a deep breath and summoned her courage to ask, “Rumor has it that you were once a nun. Is that true?” Jean gave Felicity a startled look. “Who said that?” “So, does that mean this isn’t true?” “It’s not true!” “Then, why aren’t you married?” “Can I refuse to answer

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