Chapter 972

Melody turned her head slightly to look at the photo, and she suddenly felt a little ashamed of herself. The woman in the photo had an ethereal air about her. All of a sudden, she found herself at a loss for words as to how to describe Ruby. If she really had to describe her, it would be that she seemed unsullied and angelic. Felicity returned the photo to Jean. “Who’s the lady making faces in the photo, Madam Windsor? She looks so dumb!” Jean said awkwardly, “That’s me!” Felicity was stunned. “No way, she looks completely different from you. You seem so regal and elegant, while the lady seems to be more of the bubbly and cute kind!” Jean stared at her younger self in the photo and said dolefully, “People change!” Felicity guessed that Jean’s personality must have undergone such a massive change because of how hard Ruby’s death had hit her. Jean took another photo from her wallet and handed it to Nash. “You’re my best friend’s son, and you also rid Sagen of Dominic. Gi

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