Chapter 973

She began telling Nash funny stories about her schooling days with Ruby. Nash listened quietly and laughed with her from time to time. When she finished talking about their days in university, Jean abruptly asked, “Do you know how your mom and dad met?” “Yes, my dad told me the story before!” Nash said as he nodded. “It was Valentine’s Day, and your mother and I were selling roses. We made a bet that whoever made fewer sales would have to treat the other to dinner. I set up shop at Divinity Mountain and sold everything in less than half an hour. "Meanwhile, your mother headed to Sagen’s town square and only returned late at night… For the next few days, she kept heading out by herself and even asked me to loan her some money several times!” “The Windsor family was already one of the Elite Families then, while the Snyder family had just risen up the ranks to become a Second Tier Elite Family. "They were expanding their businesses, and there wasn’t much free-flowing cash in

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